How to take care for your beard

Taking care of facial hair is different than taking care of the hair on your head. It doesn't mean that it is not important to take care of your facial hair. It's significant to keep your beard and moustache clean and what's also important – conditioned.


Conditioner helps in taming your facial hair and softening it. Soft beard is more pleasant in touch and looks better. You will need shampoo and conditioner to do it – you can use normal hair shampoo but it is better to buy a special beard conditioner.


So fresh and so clean

Wash your facial hair as soon as possible, preferably every time you take a bath. Wash it with the shampoo and then use the conditioner. If your beard is longer you should comb it out. To do so use a comb and run it through the beard in the direction of the hair growth. This way you will keep your beard smooth and free from tangles.


There's also a thing called pre-shave oil. It is advisable to use it before shaving. It softens the beard and prepares your skin for a close and comfortable shave - it moisturises the skin and protects your skin from razor burn or irritation. You have to massage it into beard before applying a shaving soap.


After the shave (especially when you shave some parts of your face or neck clean) it is good to use an aftershave lotion or a cologne. The cologne disinfects the skin but it can also irritate it that's why it is better to use aftershave lotion or aftershave gel. They disinfect and moisturise the skin but usually don't contain alcohol (which is present in the cologne).

The trimmer

Keeping your beard clean is essential, but you also need to groom it. You don't want to look like a bum. First thing you need is a trimmer. A trimmer with an adjustable trimming is a key to your success. When you can adjust the trimming you can do better because first you will be able to trim the whole beard in overall and then do the detailed trimming (which is essential when your beard style is more complicated).

The wall-mounted mirror

Normal bathroom mirror is usually uncomfortable to use during shaving because you have to lean across the sink when you want to get close up. When you have a wall-mounted mirror with a telescoping arm you can adjust it to your needs and shave in a comfortable position.


This way shaving and grooming your beard is not only more comfortable but also more precise. You can see better what you are doing and control the shaving, trimming and grooming of your hair.

Remember that a well maintained beard can look really great!