How to shave properly

Men don't like shaving – it is time consuming, laborious and quite boring actually. But if you want to look good you have to shave and take care of your beard or moustache if you have one. It may seem that a barbershop quality is impossible to achieve in the privacy of you own bathroom but it is not true.


Read all about proper shaving and start growing and grooming your favourite facial hair style.


Hot water and a shave cream


You have to prepare you skin before shaving. The skin has to be cleansed and softened. If you want a smooth shave clean your face with warm water or, even better, shave right after a hot shower. This way you will soften your facial hair and open the pores (let your skin breathe a little).


After this, comes the second most important step of preparation – applying a shaving cream. It is really important to use a high quality shave cream. Some creams can irritate your skin, close your pores or stiffen your beard (especially the ones containing menthol). Sometimes men are allergic to certain types of shave cream so you have to choose the one for you.


When you apply a shave cream you can use a shaving brush. Apply the cream in circular motion – this way you make sure that it will reach most of your facial hair, even hair growing in different directions. You can use a Pre Shave Oil if normal shave cream is not enough for your beard (you can read more about it here).


The razor and a shave


After lubricating your skin and facial hair you have to shave it. You need a comfortable, sharp blade if you want to shave properly and avoid razor burns. Two and three blade razors are best for this task.


Stretch the area of your face that you are about to shave using your free hand and move the razor slowly over that area. Don't apply too much pressure or you will cut yourself. If you want to shave precisely, glide the razor twice or even three times over the same area. Remember to rinse the blade often.


When you have a complicated type of beard or a moustache you have to trim it from time to time. Trim it after shaving – it is more comfortable that way.


The aftershave lotion


After shaving apply cool water on your face and dry your face gently afterwards. Now it's time for the final step which is applying an aftershave lotion or an aftershave gel. They moisturise your skin and accelerate the healing. It is better to use lotions than a cologne which contains alcohol and can irritate your skin.

Remember that a well maintained beard can look really great!