5 O'Clock Shadow People

The 5 O'Clock Shadow takes its name from men whose facial hair grow so fast that their stubble is clearly visible in the evening even if they shaved in the morning. The hair on a face grows quite fast and we have to shave daily in order to get rid of it. If you don't shave regularly the stubble will be more and more visible and eventually become a beard.


Many men have 2-3 days old facial hair known as Stubble or 5 O'Clock Shadow. The main reason for that is that most men don't like shaving and are to lazy to do it every day. In the past it was considered inpolite to come to work with a stubble. Nowadays the 5 O'Clock Shadow is considered to be trendy and sexy.


It's trendy

Movie stars and sportsmen showed the world that stubble is ok. Especially when it's groomed, because yes - the 5 O'Clock Shadow also has to be groomed. The 2-3 days old facial hair says that you're too busy to shave and you have more important things on your mind. You may be a businessman with a schedule so tight that you can't even find 10 minutes of free time to shave. Or maybe you're just a modern, masculine guy who doesn't care about his looks that much. And who knows that his tubble makes him look more masculine.


Groom your stubble

Nowadays it's trendy to have a 5 O'Clock Shadow so if you want to grow one go for it. Just remember that your hair grows constantly and if you let it grow for a day or two too long it will begin to look bushy and negligent. If you want to avoid that look and stay sexy, you have to trim the beard every other day. All you need is a beard trimmer with a clipper guard set to the lowest value - it leaves stubble equivalent to a day or two of beard growth. After trimming remember to shave your neck below the jaw line. You don't have to do it every time you trim your beard but if you let the hair on your neck grow too long it will ruin the final look. You can also shave off  your cheeks to make the line of facial hair going from ears to mouth more straight.


Remember that the 5 O'Clock Shadow is a facial hair style and you have to take care of it if you want it too look good. Moisture the skin on your face, use aftershave balm even after trimming to moisturize your facial hair and wash your face to exfoliate the skin. If you follow these simple rules you will look like a movie star in no time.