I Just Needed a Series of Adjustments

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I don’t even remember when the pain started in my neck because it started out so mild that it was barely noticeable. It took weeks for it to get to the point where I even needed to take pain pills for it. It still took weeks beyond that before it started bothering me doing everyday things, and that is when I knew that I needed to see a San Francisco Chiropractor. Though I had never used this type of doctor in the past, I knew enough to contact one since they specialize in the neck and back areas of a person’s body.

I wanted to do some research first to make sure that I picked the right one. When I came to the website of Latch & So Chiropractic, I knew that they were the ones I was going to see. They were offering a special that consisted of a consultation, an examination and even X-rays if they were necessary for a price that was extremely affordable. I knew that my insurance would cover the majority of the cost, so it was nice to find something to help me with the rest of it.

The good news is that when I went in for my consultation and exam, no major issues were discovered. I had never had an adjustment done before and didn’t really understand what one was even done for, and the chiropractor was very patient as he explained why every person should have regular adjustments done on their bodies. He explained how even though the adjustment was being done on my back, how it would help my shoulders and neck as well. He was right too! I went back for a total of six adjustments, and I feel incredible now. I plan on going back to have regular adjustments from now on too because I never want to lose this great feeling.

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