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Use of ICD Codes in Hospitals

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a unique system that is used in diagnosing for diseases by making use of certain special codes. Health care providers use it as a database for storing diagnosis results. Health care providers use this coding system legally since they use it in conjunction with the United States of America health care. The system has been in operation for a long time. The system has however been upgrades severally. The tenth revision module is the latest revised module.

The system used in ICD is based on the World Health Organization system for disease classification in the world. This system makes use of unique codes which relate to specific diseases and their diagnosis. Diagnosis of common diseases in the world is especially expedited through easy identification and recognition of the disease using this system. Not only does the system help in identification of diseases but also in the storage of important diagnostic information about diseases. Storage of such diagnostic information serves to ensure there is quick retrieval of the information whenever needed by a doctor for a new patient.

ICD systems also provide storage databases for national statistics on health. Data on mortality in the United States can be retrieved using the system especially that relating to infant mortality. How is this system used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases? There are about three to seven digits in the recent version called the ICD-10-CM. The coding system works in such a manner that the first character is usually an alpha character other than letter u. The second and third characters are usually purely numeric. Characters four up to seven can be mixed alpha and numeric characters.
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Disease diagnosis is aided by the first characters. They indicate the extent of injury suffered to any body part affected by the disease. The second bunch of characters which is numeric gives great details on the cause of the disease. Lastly, the rest of the characters help identify curative measures. Diagnosis, identification of causes and treatment can therefore be done by using the characters together.
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The ICD system is used by the US government in aiding it in synchronizing its health care. Many California organizations have particularly taken up the use of ICD codes in a bid to make their services efficient and precise. Improved versions of the ICD system enable one to find a doctor for a specific medical issue. With identification of the disease, one can find the doctor easily. In the United States, one can search for such doctors with ease. The ICD system has enabled doctors within Florida and Chicago to be able to work efficiently since their patients can search them with relative ease.

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