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Dealing with Traffic by Making Use of Speed Bumps as a Signage

A number of speed bumps have already been encountered by most of the people driving, crossing or walking along the streets. When it comes to traffic and parking lot control, various forms of speed bumps that has their own distinctive purpose are used.

To be able to go over street speed bumps, also known as traffic calming features, drivers need to decelerate their speed of driving considerably. A raised road surface is a bump that has elevations ranging between three and four inches, and is placed throughout the roadway having a space on each sides for draining purposes. Usually, bumps have a depth of less than one foot. Bumps are placed on roads in order to remind drivers to watch their speed, also making it extremely hard for them to drive fast on areas that contains traffic calming features.

In making commercial speed bumps for streets and parking lots, high impact materials are being used such as asphalt and concrete. Painting the entire surface with stripes embedded in reflective tapes or using very apparent colors such as yellow or orange are useful for speed bumps.
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The rate of motor vehicular travels are reduced in areas where the traffic is high such as domestic, racing locations and other traffic related problems by using this type of traffic calming feature. Commonly, bumps are smaller in size and are made of recycled rubber or plastic from low impact materials. By using the colors orange and yellow or embedding it with reflective tapes, bumps can be easily seen night or day.
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Although speed humps have the same function as speed bumps, they are invented to driven at a rate of more than twenty miles per hour without having the need to slow down or stop. Since they are typically ten to fourteen feet in depth, this type of traffic calming feature is wider than the usual bump.

Compared with the smaller traffic calming devices that are made to make drives stop suddenly, speed humps are created to urge drivers to stop gradually and to remind them to retain a certain speed limit. The primary use of speed humps are for residential areas, nevertheless, they can still be used for different parking situations and traffic.

Vehicles are difficult to manage in areas with low clearance even though the speed is slow if raised road features are not properly designed. The traffic calming devices that are not visibly marked can pose an extreme hazard to motorcycles, cyclist and even pedestrians. Speed bumps are sometimes created so that a break in the middle of the road permits a two wheel vehicle to cross without the need to pass by the bump.

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