Waxing is extremely painful

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Women with facial hair and hair on other parts of their body are expected to undergo waxing regularly to ensure that their body has no hair at all, otherwise they are often ridiculed and mocked by other women and also men. Women with facial and body hair are not considered to be well groomed or normal individuals . However few are realizing that waxing is extremely painful for most women.
The wax paper is pulled off from the skin and if hair has to be removed, it is very painful, as some skin is also pulled out along with the waxing strips. Many women endure great pain when they are waxed , yet continue with waxing because it could affect their social and professional life.
However the waxing strips available in pharmacies are not very effective for women who have hard and thick body hair, as the strips cannot cover and effectively remove the thick hair. For women with thick facial and other hair , shaving regularly is the least painful option at present, which is fairly affordable.

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